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Among the most notable benefits of providing telecom services over the cloud is that, they can be orchestrated and delivered using software. In regards to this matter, SD WAN or known as Software Defined Wide Area Network connectivity could be delivered as a service through software orchestration. SD WAN can also be used to deliver enterprise services such as WAN acceleration, bandwidth optimization and even Virtual Private Networks (VPN). By using COTS or Commodity Off-the-Shelf in branch offices, SD WAN as a service using orchestration may be delivered with the help of virtual customer premises or a lightweight CPE equipment.


Many service providers have realized that SD WAN as a service to be a new opportunity to rake in revenue which they could manage WAN services for enterprise businesses. SD Wan can be very appealing to end users and even enterprise that don't want to manage WAN network or application and would like to outsource such to service provider. You should find out about sd wan.


When it comes to managed SD WAN service, customer pays the service provider a certain fee for its service in installing and delivering connectivity and also, any maintenance, application and monitoring services associated with the connection. This provides different opportunities for value added services such as security enhancements and applications performance. These can also include SLAs or Service Level Agreements, ensuring specific minimum service levels.


In order to deliver SD WAN from sd wan providers as a service using orchestration, it is essential for the service provider to have SD WAN orchestration platform to manage and to control the service. Normally, this involves the combination of SDN controller and network virtualization software that may be used in automating provisioning and the operation software as well as required elements, many of which is based in the cloud. 


SDN controller can be seen as the brain that is overseeing the networks and managing on which resources are required the most to give end users network connections and the cloud resources needed for SD WAN service or applications. As a matter of fact, the process of orchestration is managing serving chaining or the process to which various apps or services are linked together from data center to be able to supply customers with the combination of the services they need.


Among the major goals of software defined wide area network orchestration than the cloud is to enable customer provisioning in which customers can go to a website and order services that could be configured automatically and delivered with an SD WAN platform even without human interventions.